A good team

Even in difficult import or export procedures our experienced and highly specialised staff are experts at dealing with all issues regarding foreign exchange, customs, documentation, product certification, and veterinary papers. We place importance on fast and direct communication, and flexible decisions.

Our company is a member of the following associations:

Wirtschaftsvereinigung Gross- und Aussenhandel, Hamburg (Business Association
   of Wholesalers and Retailers of Hamburg)
Verband der Fertigwarenimporteure, Hamburg (Association of Non-Food Importers)
Verband Hamburger Exporteure (Association of Hamburg Exporters)
Fachhandelsverband Federn, Fasern, und Haare, e.V., Hamburg
   (Brush Manufacturers’ Association)
Bundesverband der Deutschen Bürsten- und Pinselindustrie (Federal Association
   of German Brush Manufacturers)
Fédération Européenne de la Brosserie et Pinceauterie (European Federation of
   Brush Manufacturers)