Direct importing

RSC Industries with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong acts as our Buying Office in China. Their services for direct buying in China are at your disposal.

Contact Mr Shum Wing Ping. Address your inquiry to rsc-industries(at)

RSC Industries provides the following services:

tracking suitable manufacturers based on your master, sample or product
   description/master illustration
negotiating offers, recommendations based on your optimisation requests
   (price, quality, promptness, reliability, etc)
monitoring production, quality control, checking industrial property rights and EU
   regulations (REACH, CE and others)
printing special packaging design, labels, tags, and packaged sets
issuing export documents and consignment of goods by ship or air freight
presenting of export documents to customer’s bank or making direct payment
taking over special orders, market surveys, benchmarking, and more.

Foto Shum Wing Ping

Our man in the field:
Shum Wing Ping