Trade with industrial raw materials, part-finished and finished products
Since 1865 our speciality has been conducting business in natural hair and natural-hair brushes from China. This globally traded commodity is used for making paint-brushes, hair brushes and brooms. It is also widely used in the cosmetics industry, in making violin bows and a range of other interesting consumer products. We offer an extensive sale from stock programme featuring painting, remodelling and decorating tools.
Managed and commissioned production based on custom-developed
plans and design

Together with our partner plants we arrange for reliable production of custom-developed products, quality-tested and in compliance with industrial property rights and statutory provisions.
Import procurement management and direct imports from producer to customer
You have direct access to relevant buying markets and purchasing at original prices and conditions with the added security of our manufacturer recommendation as well as on-site organisation and control.
→ see Direct Importing
Warehouse distribution – Storage services – Import safety store
Our large warehouse in the Port of Hamburg is at your disposal for the import and transhipment of goods. We assure quality control, processing, sorting, packing and re-packaging of products. We also organise distribution and delivery of any quantity – from a full truckload to a small parcel.