What sets us apart

Our network of buyers
We have years of experience and knowledge in buying in China, and in our search for the best suppliers we have access to hundreds of plants. Our network of good “old friends” in China, Asia, and all over the world is an ideal source. When advising customers we point out legal obstacles and modifications, as well as the risks and opportunities in a market that is highly diversified, thus appearing confusing and unpredictable to many customers. We know which producers and suppliers are the most reasonable, the best and the fastest.

Quality control
Our services go beyond checking quality control, product certification, social and environmental standards, and copyright protection to include safe, modern printing and packaging technology, thus ensuring that goods from the Far East meet European product quality standards.

Import formalities
We organise product loading and shipping from the distant country of origin to our warehouse in Hamburg, we take care of the complicated import formalities.

Customers may purchase small production quantities at reasonable prices through us as we have the advantage of collective ordering. Our customers have the opportunity of buying in Asia, but none of the risk!

Storage service
With our large storage warehouse in the Port of Hamburg we offer excellent stock sourcing conditions for immediately available goods as well as various related services, for example, sorting, processing, packing, re-packing, packaging, labelling and, finally, free, reliable delivery to customers – any size from a full truckload to a small parcel.
In addition, our subsidiaries keep a complete range of products in stock for customers in the construction and hardware business, available for prompt delivery.